About TLDC

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TLDC Overview

Taiwan Land Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1964, the calendar for Fifty early success with the government policy to develop 30 industrial zones in Taiwan and many commercial offices and residences, to create 125 thousand jobs, the output value of 2000 hundred billion, is Taiwan's oldest and most solid qualifications land development industry. TLDC to start a company publicly traded since 1999, the public shares in 2008 release, prison directors election, Mr. Chiu Fu-Sheng as chairman, enshrined "in culture as the soul, lead science and technology as a context for land inject new value" of the enterprise's core philosophy and land development company led by TLDC, gradually expand the territory to become Taiwan land Development, sets apart from traditional roles are land developers for creative architectural space planning, TLDC Group perform their duties fully active practice "green, wisdom, cultural and creative "ideas, will inject new value of the land rare, to bring people a full range of sustainable high-quality living environment.

Organizational Chart


Major Corporate Functions

Department Functions
Audit Office Responsible for audit operations and provide periodic reports to the Board of Directors and supervisors.
Planning Department The Operation Section is responsible for operations ranging from administering industry activities commissioned by government agencies in industrial districts; establishing revitalization strategies for unused land in industrial parks as well as executing project operations; integration of related operations for cases contracted under the government's Act for Promotion of Private Participation and fulfillment and management of project implementation; land development commissioned by government agencies or private enterprises, urban land consolidation, joint construction, BOT cases, new rural projects and urban renewal.

The Investment Section is responsible for the Company's management policies (including management vision, goals, guidelines, operational planning and business reports, etc); industrial trends, collection of information on the macro environment, product positioning, drafting development strategies of Company assets; investment worthiness of new businesses and feasibility assessment, editing and compiling investment or project briefing for subsidiary companies within the Group; feasibility study and investment development of business real estate investment plans; financial planning, relationships building with financial institutions and capital raising and management.

Pre-Construction Planning Department Responsible for regulatory review during development phase; making provisional financial calculations and investment analysis during development phase; applying for construction permit following development; capacity value creation; construction planning; landscape planning; space design; communication with and coordination of construction planning team.
Construction Department Responsible for construction project budgeting, construction schedule, progress valuation review and cost control during the construction phase; project contracting, procurement of materials, construction quality audit and control of the progress of project construction; application for building occupation permit; planning for greenhouses, green landscaping, tree banks and construction materials for buildings involving green energy and reduced carbon footprint; communication with and supervision of contractors.
Finance Department Accounting Section is responsible for establishing and controlling the Company's accounting system, budget drafting, accounts processing, settlement, and the review and audit of various expenditures.
General Administration Department The Administration Section is responsible for legal affairs; utilization and management of human resources, talent cultivating and career planning; establishment of talent pool; Company Seal/Imprimatur, documentation, document management; compiling Group administrative regulations, systems and operating procedures; editing and producing annual reports; administrative management of re-invested companies; filing, maintenance and management of Company's owned assets (excluding business operation or trial operation) as well as invisible asset; maintenance of IT software and hardware equipments and information security management; planning and developing management systems; disposal and maintenance/management of assets from loans receivable.

The Procurement Section is responsible for comprehensive procurement and bidding activities within the Group; auditing of bidding costs; establishment of database for construction materials and vendors; administrative management, procurement of assets and equipment as well as maintenance, enterprise service, etc.

The Finance Division is in charge of cashier operations for the Company.

Public Affairs Department Responsible for conducting public affairs activities associated with Legislative Yuan, government agencies, the media, landowners, juridical persons and domestic and foreign investors.

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